Centro Regional de Asistencia a la Producción
Dorrego 1347 3º “A” - CP 2000 - Rosario - Santa Fe - Argentina
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Regional Production Assistance Center (C.R.A.P.)


The Regional Production Assistance Center (C.R.A.P.) is a non-profit organization that has reference data about different companies from Santa Fe province, as well as about products they made, services they offer and raw materials they use. C.R.A.P. offers regional transport logistics around the Port of Rosario, gateway to Mercosur and natural center of exporting development. C.R.A.P. also develops many other services and activities:

  • Ventanilla Sepyme (It is a government program that provides support to SMEs): Our group of professionals provides expert advice on projects, which are prequalified and presented for their approval.
  • Unidad de Vinculacion Tecnologica (U.V.T.) It is an institute that identifies, selects and undertakes research and development projects. It also offers technical assistance to improve productive and commercial activities): U.V.T. provides direct access not only to human resources training, but also to technological investments and grants for new business plans. Unidad Capacitadora (UCAP) It is a government program that refunds SMEs up to 95% for the money invested in training their staff.) We are in charge of the training.
  • We promote association among SMEs and we also create exporting groups.
  • We internationalize and represent SMEs in international shows. Besides, we help them in making new business contacts.
  • We encourage microenterprises development.
  • Funding: We act as a link between companies and Banco Nación Argentina (Argentine National Bank) through FOMICRO program. We also work with other institutions to promote sectoral development.
Business Network and Foreign Affairs
In case you want to be more productive, effective and competitive so as to enter the foreign market and succeed, you should trust in us; we will help you to internationalize your company. It is our international experience gained through the joint work and representation of companies what allows us to perform and stimulate the following exporting activities:
  • To effectively promote your company in foreign countries and in non-traditional markets.
  • To provide for commercial opportunities and counterparts.
  • To promote a product in international events.
  • To manage business in several foreign countries through subsidiaries of C.R.A.P. and official agencies for international trade.

Commercial strategies

  • We convey updated information of interest to the productive sector.
  • We suggest a marketing plan with respect to the target market and business strategy.
  • In events where C.R.A.P. is present, we represent those SMEs that provide us with catalogues, folders, brochures and samples. Besides, we undertake services or products feasibility studies, export supply analysis, marketing agreements, and we also establish contact with representatives and distributors.
  • We perform procedures to obtain benefits to export, as well as, a refund for the exporting taxes. Disputes are solved through commercial arbitration. Moreover, we advise companies on technological innovation.
  • We do products and services marketing.
  • Together with our group of professionals and according to SMEs requirements, we advise and train them in different fields.
  • We offer legal and accounting advice for the companies related to the institution.

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